The Publication Standards Project


Dent the Universe

We’re all stronger if we band together – and if you care about technology, this is as good a cause to join as any. Help us make books easier to read; none of us can do this without you.

Our goals

  • We want full support of open publication standards in all tools of creation and consumption, so writing is easier to publish and consume.
  • We want an end to digital rights management in all published work, so writing is easier to share and discuss.
  • We want better library lending policies, so libraries can stay relevant and useful in an increasingly digital world.

And we’re going to make ourselves heard loud and clear. Companies won’t bend to this pressure unless it makes sense for them to do so – and right now, we aren’t making enough noise for it to make sense to anyone.

The current conversation around digital publishing is poisonous. Publishers and booksellers are motivated by greed, sticking up for their own interests – and in doing so, they’re damaging the long-term prospects of their own profit and cultural relevance. The internet is already interpreting this as damage and routing around it.

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